3 Faucet T Tower Stainless Steel Homebrew, 1,2 or 3 faucet

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Our beautiful 3 faucet stainless steel T tower is the perfect piece of gear to implement up to three faucets on a tower kegerator system. This version utilizes non-flow control faucets, but we also offer this version with flow control faucets. This tower is stainless steel and has a 3" column base, making it perfect for a new kegerator build or as an upgrade on an existing kegerator build. 

We offer LOTS of customization on this tower, including:

  • You can set up this tower with one, two or three faucet configurations. When you order this as a "1" or "2" configuration you can add plugs for the extra holes, if you have two faucets you want one plug and if you have 1 faucet you need two plugs. You can remove plugs at a later date to expand the number of faucets.
  • Choose between different beer lengths, 5' is standard, but some people like additional restriction to control foam. Our standard commercial grade hose is NSF rated, dual durometer and made in the USA.
  • You can choose a different faucet for each beer line. We offer everything from a traditional chrome faucet to our top of the line CMBecker, German made faucets
  • This kit comes with NSF approved, German made, USA assembled CMBecker disconnects. These are the best in the industry!
  • Tower comes with nuts, bolds, washers and rubber gasket for mounting to various surfaces.