3 Gallon Glass Carboy

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Thank you for your interest, but we are currently out of this product. Please call 325-356-5204 if you have any questions.

Our 3 Gallon carboy is great for making small batches like meads, or splitting up a large batch. This carboy is crafted from heavy duty ribbed glass providing you with thick-wall construction making it the strongest glass carboy available. Many brewers prefer glass over plastic fermenters because it's difficult to scratch although heavier and slicker when wet. 

*Please use caution when transporting all carboys, but especially glass. There is a risk associated with dropping them so we urge the purchase of a handle or Brew Hauler Carboy Carrier. 

Use carboy stopper size #7 for 3 gallon glass carboys. General Info

  • 3 Gallons
  • Heavy Duty Ribbed Glass
  • Use carboy stopper size #7 for 3 gallon glass carboys