6 Gallon Glass Carboy

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Thank you for your interest, but we are currently out of this product. Please call 325-356-5204 if you have any questions.

6 Gallon carboys are recommended for secondary fermentation of high gravity or lager beers. Glass fermenters trump plastic because they're resistant to scratching and are more thoroughly cleaned. Because they're nonporous they won't hold scent and change the character of your brew. 

*Please use caution when transporting all carboys, but especially glass. There is a risk associated with dropping them so we highly suggest the purchase of a handle or Brew Hauler Carboy Carrier

This carboy uses a #6.5 stopper.

General Info

  • 6 Gallons
  • Heavy Duty Ribbed Glass
  • Use carboy stopper size #6.5 for 6 gallon glass carboys