"Abbey Road" Belgian Tripel - All-Grain Recipe Kit

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A fairly light colored beer, it can be deceiving at first glance.  The Belgium triple gets its name from the actual brewing process because the Monks that originally brewed it used three times as much malt as your average Trappist beer.  The flavor is complex with notes of fruity ester, cloves, even some pepper taste, but with a sweet finish.  These tastes are derived largely from the yeast and grains.  Be careful with this beer, it has an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of over 9%.  It is to be sipped and enjoyed.  Get yourself a nice Belgium Tulip glass, it somehow makes the beer taste even better.  

Belgium Triple - All Grain Recipe, Click here to view!


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General Info: 

  • Batch Size: 5 Gallons
  • Mash at 149
  • Est. Original Gravity: 1.078 SG
  • Est. Final Gravity: 1.007 - 1.009 SG
  • Est. Alcohol by Volume: 9.2 - 9.5 %
  • Bitterness: 27 IBUs
  • Est. Color: 5.4 SRM

Malts and Adjuncts: 

  • Pilsner Malt
  • Aromatic Kiln
  • Sugar


  • Czech Saaz Hop Pellets
  • Willamette Hop Pellets