" Abbey's Light" Belgian Pale Ale - Extract Recipe Kit

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 This lighter Belgian beer would be right at home in a cafe near the Scheldt river in Antwerp as well as in your home kegerator!  This is an easy drinking style that gets a lot of it's flavor from the yeast (spice and fruit) and from the leanings towards maltyness vs hoppyness.  

An easy-to-drink beer with a sweeter malt character, along with a hint of spice and fruitiness thanks to the recommended yeast strains. Take a swig and pretend you're having a beer in Antwerp for the full effect, and send a postcard thanking yourself for brewing this delicious beer! 

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Belgian Pale Ale _ Extract Recipe Kit Instructions 



Style Overview: 

Belgian Pale Ales are known for their light color, and sweeter, malty flavor profile. The style was created as a direct response to the growing popularity and spread of Pilsners and pale lagers around Europe. Most times, you'll find that they have a restrained hop profile, and instead, will utilize more flavorful yeast strains and a sweeter malt. 

General Info: 

  • Batch Size: 5 Gallons
  • Mash at 150 degrees
  • Est. Original Gravity: 1.050 SG
  • Est. Final Gravity: 1.009 SG
  • Est. Alcohol by Volume: 5.3%
  • Bitterness: 25.0 IBUs
  • Est. Color: 7.4 SRM
  • Ferment at 65-66 Degrees

Malts and Adjuncts: 

  • Pilsen Light Liquid Malt Extract
  • Caramel Vienne 20L
  • Biscuit


  • Czech Saaz Hop Pellets