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The ANVIL Crucible conical fermenter is an incredible value in the stainless steel conical fermenter class. Featuring rotating racking arm and a large pro-style tri-clamp bottom dump, this piece of equipment will allow you to rack crystal clear beer and harvest yeast like a professional.

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  • 14 gal. total capacity, making it perfect for 10 gallon batches
  • The rotating racking arm is ideal for transferring clear beer - leaving yeast and sediment behind
  • Pro-style welded 1.5” tri-clamp bottom dump makes dumping sediment and harvesting yeast a snap
  • Embossed level markings (gal and L) will never wear off
  • Sturdy carry handles makes moving your beer safe and easy
  • Protective caps on the legs protects floors and counters
  • Includes liquid crystal thermometer, airlock and stopper
  • Optional cooling systems maintains perfect fermentation temps
  • Optional yeast harvesting kit is perfect for reusing your yeast and saving money!
  • Leg extensions lift the unit high enough to gravity drain into kegs