Bistro Bar Premiere

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Bistro Bar™a portable pub and portable bar that delivers perfect draft beer every time!

The Bistro Bar is the perfect draft system for parties, weddings, graduations, camping, garages/decks, tailgating, BBQs, and many other events. The Bistro Bar offers convenience when you need it while providing style with its good looks. Set-up is a breeze and storage is even easier. When in use, the wheels make it 100% portable to move around from place to place during any event.

Bistro Bar provides a list of features:

Portable/Mobile & Durable

  • Mobility – Transport kegs of all sizes.
  • Durability – Use high density polyethylene to support weights up to 200 lbs.


  • Ease of load – Reduce height of load to 17 inches.
  • Easy Setup – Setup time within 5 minutes.
  • Storage – Collapse unit to only 27″ inches and fits into compact cars.
  • Dispensing – Convenient beer/soda dispensing.


  • Temperature – Reduce amount of ice used and maintain temperature of keg to 36-40 degrees F.
  • Freshness – Utilize the foot pump or upgrade to a CO2 kit to maximize freshness.
  • Aesthetics – Good looks to display at graduations or corporate events.


Premiere Bistro Bar

  • Dual-cylinder foot-pump pressure system (incl. gas line)
  • 3” - Single faucet black tower w/adapter
  • D-style coupler
  • Beer line
  • 8″ durable Wheels
  • Handle
  • Standard table top