Blichmann BoilCoil - 7.5 Gallon - 120V

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The Blichmann BoilCoil takes electric heating to a whole new level. This immersion heater is engineered to be the perfect fit for the G2 BoilMaker Brew Kettles, but will work with any of the competing models as well. All it needs is two small 5/18" holes drilled (template provided). The plug and play cord is included, which is detachable so you don't have to deal with it when you're moving the kettle around.


  • Engineered perfectly for the BoilerMaker Kettles
  • Can be installed into competing models
  • Includes 12 ft removable plug - no dangling cords
  • Coil hugs the wall of the pot in order to encourage convective boil characteristics
  • Easy installation, requiring only two 5/8" holes