Blichmann Fermenator Tri-clamp Blowoff Assembly

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Blichmann Fermentator Tri-clamp Blowoff Assembly is handy for those using strong fermenting strains. Included in the kit is an elbow that connects with a tri-clamp fitting that connects where the airlock would normally go. Also included is a 1" barb that's used with 1" blowoff tubing (tubing not included), to be led into a bucket to create a blowoff airlock. Once high krausen has dropped the airlock can be used once again.

While it is a blowoff assembly, it also includes a 1" tri-clamp to 1/2" hose barb for use in pressuring the fermenter in order for the beer to pump out and rack into kegs or containers. An easy way to both control fermentation and also seamlessly pressurize the Fermenator for racking!

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  • Includes the Tri-Clamp, Elbow, and 1" Barb
  • Fits onto any Fermenator lid
  • Can also be used to pressurize fermenator (additional adapter is recquired)