Blichmann G2 BoilerMaker - 10 Gallon

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Blichmann engineering upgraded the best engineered brew kettle on the market and redesigned it from scratch. The G2 BoilerMaker is an American made and manufactured product. You can assume this product will last as long as you let it with the limited lifetime warranty.

The G2 BoilerMaker has everything a homebrewer could ask for. The flow drain valve grants complete control of your flow rate and can easily be cleaned, with the cool touch molded grips allowing easy movements of the kettle. The level gauge is as simple as reading the ABC's due to it having gallon and liter indicators. The installed brewmometer helps maintain accurate temperatures while also being adjustable for multiple viewing angles. The Blichmann G2 BoilerMaker is an advanced piece of engineering sure to make your brewing incredible.

Kettle Features

  • Stainless steel heavy gauge 304 single piece of construction that's weld-free and deep drawn.
  • G2 linear flow valve allows fine tuning of your flow rate for increasing repetition. There is a built-in 90 degree outlet that can be adapted at any angle executing hose routing effortless. Easily disassembles for cleaning and includes cool touch silicon grip.
  • Includes brushed exterior to keep water stains and fingerprints at bay. The interior stays silky smooth.
  • These high-impact and glass-filled nylon handles are lasting and remain frigid to the touch. They're also directed to make carrying easier and also store the lid.
  • A Blichmann Engineering innovation - 1.2 diameter to height ratio
  • Features patented brewing dial face which is flexible for multiple viewing angles - Brewmometer included (fahrenheit)
  • Standard heavy-duty borosilicate glass level gauge never scratches or clouds. Volume graduations are showed in gallons and liters. Cleaning brush included
  • Snap-in dip tube composition installs without tools and drains to within 3/8 of the bottom of the kettle
  • Stepped Edge ledge on bottom almost completely gets rid of sidewall shunting and supports the Blichmann Mash Screen