Blichmann Tower of Power Control Module (Gas Fired)

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Blichmann's Tower of Power Control Module is a superior-quality temperature control RIMS system with freakish accuracy and precision. This is the central system used with Tower of Power rigs, and will let you easily monitor your temperatures, and give you all the control functionality you need and then some. They come in both gas and electric versions (this is the gas fired version), and will work in tandem with Blichmann's suite of other electric equipment such as the RIMS Rocket and BoilCoil. 

It comes with the control module itself, as well as a temperature sensor and cable, adapter bushing, and a 12 ft. extension cord. 

General Info:

  • Class A precision RTD temperature for total accuracy (can be installed into any 1/2" NPT fitting with the included adapter bushing)
  • Will hold your mash temperature within +/- 0.5F (0.28C)
  • Makes repeatable results with your best batches a simple and process
  • Digital power control lets you meter the heating element from 0-100% power
  • Auto Ramping: Fast, automatic ramp times
  • Has an optional low level shut-off port
  • Built-in plumbing allows you to connect the gas regulator to your burner
  • Gas solenoid valve (installs on your burner's gas supply)
  • An optional low level kettle switch lets you deactivate the heating element to help avoid any scorching or dry firing.(low level switch as well as hole punch for installation available as an upgrade option for BoilerMaker pots)
  • Unit has a data port, allowing you to remotely monitor your mash, and set up your own unlimited mash profiles on your PC (Optional Communication Cable needed) with Blichmann's free TOP-Link software
  • No-pilot electronic ignition system will adapt to any natural gas or propane burner, and will relight your burner if it goes out unexpectedly due to wind etc. Will also automatically shut down the gas if no flame is detected within 10 seconds and sound a warning alarm.
  • Comes with a HLT and MASH decal for easy-to-read labeling
  • Dimensions: 4.25" Width, 7" Height, 7" Diameter
  • Attractive brushed stainless steel cover with a glossy black powder-coated case