Blichmann Tower of Power Stand (No Pump)

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Upgrade the way you brew with Blichmann's freestanding plumbing tower, the very customizable Tower of Power. With great features such as a low flow alarm (for low flow/stuck mashes), a wort sampling valve, flow meter for setting the mash circulation and lautering rates, GFCI outlet for your accessories and way more! Brewing days will have a whole other meaning when adding this amazing Tower of Power to your rig.

Note: Blichmann Control Module, Therminator, and Therminator mounting hardwat all sold seprately.

General Info:

  • Adaptable low-flow alarm will go off if you get a stuck mash or if it senses a problem with your flow.
  • Easily check your gravity/pH with the wort sampling valve to know when it's time to sparge.
  • Set your own mash recirculation and lauter rates with the flow meter. Can also act as a sight glass in order to keep an eye on your clarity and color.
  • GFCI outlet for additional safety
  • Mounting plate included for Control Module (optional Dual Control Module mounting plate is also available)
  • Black powder paint coating
  • Dimensions: 16" diameter, 15" width, and 43" height
  • Optional mounting kit for TopTier owners letting you install to your stand