Chinook Hop Rhizome - PRE ORDER

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NOTE: Because these are PRE-ORDER items please include ONLY hop rhizomes on your order. If other items are placed on the order, they will be removed or split off to a separate order, and additional shipping charges will apply. Payment will occur at the time of placing the order to secure the quantities you would like.

Growing your own hops can be a fun and rewarding process, and it adds a fresh twist to your beer! Don't wait to order, as rhizomes are only harvested once per year and sell fast. Hop Rhizomes are the tiny roots that are cut off from a mature female hop plant, and can be used to grow an entire new hop plant. For best results, hop rhizomes should be planted immediately after delivery, and should be kept cold and moist until planted. Rhizomes should be planted approximately 5 feet (3 feet for identical hops) apart to prevent the vines from tangling once they've grown, and should be covered with about 1" of soil (a soil pH of 6.0 - 8.0 is preferred). Be sure to water your rhizomes regularly, as they have a small root system, but be sure to not over-water them, as that may cause the rhizomes to rot. 

A lot of great things came out of the 80's. We think one of the best was Chinook hops, but as brewers that seems about right. This is a high alpha variety with a spicy, pine, citrus aroma and flavor. Think of it like being on top of a mountain in Florida complete with the bitterness you've..getting off topic here. Chinook offers smooth bitterness in American Ales, American Pale Ales, IPA, and American Lagers. 

Note: These rhizomes are a pre-order product and will ship in middle to end of April 

*Comes packaged with a cold pack to ensure freshness* 
*Due to laws regarding the shipment of agricultural products, we cannot ship to international address or to the following United States locations: Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and the counties of Bonner and Kootenai in Idaho as well as any APO/FPO addresses.* 
Unfortunately due to the limited availability of these rhizomes - all sales are final, and we will not be able to process refunds or returns. Since these are live plants, we cannot guarantee they will grow, so we recommend buying multiple to help ensure their success. 


General Info

  • Pre-order - Due to ship Middle to end of April 2019
  • Single Hop Rhizome
  • Origin: United States
  • Hop Type: Dual-Purpose
  • Alpha Acid: 11 - 14%
  • Similar Varieties: Galena, Nugget, CTZ, Citra®
  • Common Styles: American Pale Ale, IPA, American Lager