Citrus POP NEIPA - Extract Recipe Kit

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Even if you already love IPA's, this one is going to blow your mind!

Experience the best American hops from the West Coast IPA style combined with the new "juicy" stylings of the New England IPA to bring you a genuinely unique beer. Fruit-centric esters from English yeast strains compliment the flavors & aromas from the hops. The flaked wheat causes a thick, bright white, and deliciously creamy head that's packed with all kinds of enticing tropical citrus hop aromas. 

Thanks to the amount of hops in this beer, this recipe has been calculated for a 6 gallon batch (in the fermenter), and you should adjust your water needs as need be. If you choose to use RO or distilled water, add 3g of Gypsum & 8g of Calcium Chloride pellets to your mash & 2.5g of Gypsum & 5.5g of Calcium Chloride to your sparge water for the absolute best results. This will accentuate the "juice" from the hops and give you a softer mouthfeel. 

Something else that can help your beer appear hazy is something called Biotransformation. This occurs where dry hops normally added a few days before packaging are actually added a few days into active fermentation (2-3 days after pitching, or when the Krauzen starts to drop down). The available proteins from the yeast at this early stage of fermentation permanently bind with the polyphenols from the hops. causing a permanent haze. 

New to Brewing or just need a refresher?  Check out our "New To Brewing Guide"  for easy to follow instructions for extract or all grain brewing!

Citrus POP NEIPA - Extract Recipe Instructions


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