CMBecker Homebrew Cleaning & Sanitizing Kit

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Keep your equipment CLEAN and SANITIZED!

This kit contains Brew Clean for cleaning and San Step for sanitizing your home brewing equipment and draft beer equipment and lines.  These products are the finest available on the market.  Both are made in the USA by Homebrewers for Homebrewers!  CMBecker International is proud to distribute these products and we use them company wide for cleaning and sanitizing our own home brewing (and commercial)  equipment, kegs and lines.  

Brew Clean is an excellent cleaner for stainless steel equipment, kegs, beer lines, glass, plastic, or rubber homebrew equipment!

San Step is an excellent sanitizer for your homebrewing equipment and unlike some sanitizers used in the homebrew market it is:
☻Virtually foam free
☻Effective in hard water
☻One ounce makes 6 gallons (up to 20% more)
☻Has organic acid base
In addition it also has the following benefits:
☻Broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide
☻Not deactivated by organic matter
☻Provides an acidified rinse to eliminate scale formation