Deluxe All Grain Brewing Package

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Give the gift of brewing this holiday season! 

Our Holiday Bundle, the Deluxe All Grain Brewing Package, is a great set up to start all grain brewing, if you're just getting into the craft or if your currently brewing partial mashes and are looking to upgrade your set up. We've got you covered with a single kettle electric Boil & Mash system which features a temperature control system to lock in your mash temperatures. You also get a 50' Copper Copper Immersion Chiller for quick cooling after your boil is complete and the brand new Genesis 6.5 Gallon Fermenter which includes 2 sanitary liners, rubber stopper and airlock. 

Make the jump into all grain this season and gain control over your brewing!

Package Includes:

  • Genesis 6.5 Gallon Fermenter
  • 50' Copper Immersion Wort Chiller
  • The Mash and Boil System