Draft Beer at Home and on the Go! Deluxe Kegerator Kit

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This kit allows you to convert a fridge or chest freezer into a Kegerator/Keezer AND you can also instantly convert it into a portable dispense kit for parties.  This kit is at an incredible price and packed with features including:

  • Taprite Premium Regulator with our exclusive extended warranty (click here to view).
  • Includes a 20 ounce CO2 cylinder capable of dispensing about 6 homebrew kegs.
  • Carabiner and Nylon CO2 bottle holster included, this allows you to hang bottle from keg.  This is nice in your kegerator, but even better when your keg is attending a party.  Keeps CO2 bottle upright and safe!
  • This kit has CMB disconnects with Swivel nuts and an extra dispense hose with party faucet.  This means that you an take the gas and liquid side with you by simply unscrewing the hose going to your beer shank and screwing on the party faucet assembly.  Dispense your keg at parties, camping trips or where ever you desire with no hassle!
  • This kit has premium components including the regulaor and CO2 bottle mentioned above plus: USA made duel durometer NSF rated beer hose (and gas hose), A used USA made Corny 5 gallon SS keg with an extra set of Orings for years of service, CMB MFL disconnects for easy disassembly (made in Germany assembled in USA), beer shank, faucet and installation hardware for mounting to fridge.  
  • Beer line cleaning kit which includes BREW CLEAN and a 32oz bottle of San Step sanitizer!
  • Need to cut a hole for the shank?  Don't forget our 15/16 Hole saw for a perfect size hole.