GroGreen™ Garden Hose Filter

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This filter is designed to fit on the end of a water hose and provide a neutral base water for brewing.  It uses coconut carbon and medias to reduce chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, rust, iron particles.  The KDF media inhibits bacterial growth.  It is very fast flowing at 2GPM (2880 GPD).  Although this is not a reverse osmosis system, it will give you more neutral, better tasting water for your brew.  This filter has a life of 8,000 gallons, so it will take you through a lot of brews!  Also comes with brass Male/Female hose connection.  

  • Pressure Range is 20 to 100 PSI, Temp rage is 32 to 100 F
  • 2 GPM (2880 GPD)
  • Custom Blend of earth friendly catalytic carbon and KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) medias