Old School NEIPA - All-Grain Recipe Kit

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Our Old School NEIPA is our fist stab at the NEIPA style, and it was constructed around some of the earliest pioneer's, to this style, practices. We realize calling it "old school" is a little strange as a new style, but this style is changing rapidly! The aim is to create a very light in color IPA with low bitterness, soft mouthfeel and an enormous blast of fruity hop aroma and flavor with minimal bitterness. This is accomplished skipping the 60 min bittering addition and focusing your hop additions towards the end of the boil, whirlpool and in dry hopping. With the high ABV of this beer we recommend using two packs of yeast or making a starter in order to get a high enough cell count to conquer the fermentation. You could also opt for the Imperial Yeast which contains a much higher cell count. The optional use of flour to increase the amount of haze is just as described, optional. 

Old School NEIPA - All-Grain Instructions 


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General Info: 

  • Batch Size: 5 Gallons
  • Mash at 150ºF for 75 minutes
  • Est. Original Gravity: 1.067 SG
  • Est. Final Gravity: 1.010-1.012 SG
  • Est. Alcohol by Volume: 7.3-7.5%
  • Bitterness: 69.9 IBUs
  • Estimated Color: 4.6 SRM

Malts and Adjuncts: 

  • Pale Malt
  • Flaked Oats
  • Flaked Barley
  • Flaked Wheat
  • Honey Malt
  • Dextrose


  • Mosaic Hop Pellets
  • Citra Hop Pellets
  • Mandarina Bavaria Hop Pellets