Pliny The Elder Double IPA Clone - Extract Recipe Kit

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This beer is one of the best know and most sought after IPA's in the world.  It is not easy to get in a bar or a store.  Our clone of this Double IPA allows you to enjoy your version of the beer style anytime.  The beer is best enjoyed fresh.  We like to keg it and serve it to our friends and family.  It is very well balanced with the malt, hops and alcohol giving it the perfect ménage à trois (yes, like three way sex in your mouth....but in a good way).  The aroma is also very notable from the extensive dry hopping.  

New to Brewing or just need a refresher?  Check out our "New To Brewing Guide"  for easy to follow instructions for extract or all grain brewing!

Please pull up the Recipe Instructions below and read them carefully before brewing.  There are some special instructions for this brew in the "Brewer's Notes"  

Pliny The Elder Double IPA Clone - Extract Recipe Kit Instructions



General Info: 

  • Batch Size: 5 Gallons
  • Mash at 152ºF
  • Est. Original Gravity: 1.071 SG
  • Est. Final Gravity: 1.010 SG
  • Est. Alcohol by Volume: 8%
  • Bitterness: 200 IBUs
  • Estimated Color: 5.8 SRM

Malts and Adjuncts: 

  • Light DME
  • Extra Light DME
  • CaraPils
  • Caramel 40L
  • Dextrose


  • Columbus Hop Pellets
  • Centennial Hop Pellets
  • Simcoe Hop Pellets