Reconditioned RACETRACK style lid

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This lid is fully reconditioned Lid for RACETRACK style kegs, this will not fit standard kegs.  Racetrack lids have a strait side vs more "egg" like or oval shape on standard kegs.  It features an new valve assembly (metal) with sanitary seal, new valve, new plastic feet and new O-ring.  This lid is fully guaranteed to work with your keg.  This lid will work with Ball Lock, Pin Lock and all brands (Cornelius, Firestone, John Wood, Korean, Italian, etc.) of Racetrack kegs.  We also sell these lids in Bulk as well as the new valve assembly if you need to repair your existing Lid.  We can fix any lid out there that is not bent!  IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT TYPE OF KEG YOU HAVE (standard or Racetrack)  Call us at 512-805-3300.  The look of lid may vary slightly due to different manufactures.