Spiegelau Glassware

The first documented reference to SPIEGELAU glassworks dates back to just one generation after the discovery of America. Since its first mention in 1521, the small mouthblown producer in the village of SPIEGELAU nestled in the Bavarian Forest has gone on to become one of the major crystal production companies,exporting all over the world. Now SPIEGELAU is producing some of the finest lead free Cristal glassware in the world. 

From the new IPA glass created in conjuction with DogFish Head and Sierra Nevada to the best selling stemmed Pilsner glass to the classic Tall Pisner (one of our personal favorites)  Kegconnection is proud to present these great beer glasses. 

Try the Spiegelau challange:  Pour half a beer into your Spiegelau and half in a standard pint beer glass.  Smell the beer out of both glasses, the aroma will speak for itself!  Now drink a sip from the Spiegelau and then a sip from the pint glass.  Leave some beer in both and try again in 15 minutes.  Is it your imagination or is the beer in the Spiegelau beer colder?  It is due to the thin, fine crystal glass not "stealing the cold" out of your beer like the thick pint Glass will.  Your beer will taste better out of this glass due to the finer aroma that makes up a big part of your taste experience. 

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