Ss Brewtech Brite Tank - 10 Gallon

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The latest and greatest innovation from Ss Brewtech, the Ss Brewtech 10 Gallon Brite Tank is going to be your new favorite toy! With this tank, you'll reduce your carbonation time from 5-7 days to just 24 hours. This tank distinguishes itself from kegs with a larger surface area on the base, allowing for residual yeast to settle out further and not clump up in one spot, not to mention the improved aging and clarifying of your beer compared to regular keg conditioning. 

With an integrated carbonation stone, sight glass, temperature monitoring system, and butterfly tube for easy cleanup, this Brite tank leaves all kegs in the dust. Pair this with a glycol chiller for the best standalone homebrew serving system that you'll ever see! 

Carrying 10 gallons of homebrew can take a toll on you- especially your hands, so be sure to grab the Carry Handle to make transportation a breeze! If you're serious about this bad boy, and serious about your homebrew, make sure you upgrade your Brite Tank to the BrewMaster Edition which includes a neoprene jacket, chiller coil, and hose clamps! 

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Conical Features

  • 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Brite Tank
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Carbonation stone
  • 6" TC port on lid
  • Chiller coil is included standard in the kit!
  • Custom Ss butterfly valve
  • Sight glass and exterior etched volume markers
  • Pressure gauge and relief valve
  • Rated up to 15 PSI