4 oz BTF® Iodophor Sanitizer

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BTF Iodophor Sanitizer

BTF Iodophor is an extremely effective sanitizer for homebrewing. This is an Iodine based sanitizer that has a lot of advantages over some of the foaming, acid-based sanitizers on the market. Even this small 4oz bottle makes 40 gallons of sanitizer at the recommended 12.5 parts per million mixture.  The advantages of this product over acid based sanitizers include:

  • Unlike acid-based, foaming sanitizers, BTF Iodophor is effective in killing mold, yeast, fungus, gram positive and negative bacteria, viruses and even blood born pathogens.
  • Iodophor is less expensive and goes much further. You only need 1 tablespoon of this sanitizer per 5 gallons of water (or 1 teaspoon per 1.5 gallons).
  • Iodophor is low foaming and works in CIP machines, there is “no foam to fear”!
  • Unlike acid-based sanitizers, Iodophor is non-corrosive
  • Iodophor is non-irritating and gentle on your skin and your equipment
  • Iodophor is not classified as hazardous according to the Department of Transportation
  • Iodophor is effective in hard and soft water

BTF Iodophor is easy to mix and easy to use.

  • 1 oz (30 ML) plastic measuring cup is included with Sanitizer!
  • It is no-rinse at the rate of 12.5 parts per million mixture (1 Tablespoon or 15ML per 5 gallons).
  • Allow 2 minutes of contact time and then you can let it air dry. No need to rinse or wipe off.