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Draft System Installations and Equipment Services 

Kegconnection has been in the draft beer business since 2006. We have helped thousands of bars, restaurants and individuals set up draft beer systems. We offer the finest equipment in the industry including CMBecker Flow Control faucets for a perfect pour every time. Kegconnection Draft Installations can help you with the perfect system for your business.

We offer a solution that is right for your bar or restaurant. We can work within your budget to give you a highly efficient system that will help your business profit from draft beer. Draft beer signals to your customers that you are serious about beer. Your draft beer system makes a statement and Kegconnection can help you design a system that enhances your customers experience.

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What are the different draft beer systems, and which is appropriate for your business?

The two main types of systems used in bars and restaurants are "direct draw systems" and "long draw systems". We will cover the difference between these systems and the benefits and liabilities of these systems.

Direct Draw Systems

These systems pull from beer that is directly connected to a keg via a beer line. There is no cooling of the lines needed because the beer never leaves it’s cooled area before being dispensed. There are two main types of direct draw systems.

  • Kegerator/Beer dispense box – These are typically self-contained systems for serving draft beer. Although they are often somewhat generic from the manufacturer we can modify them to serve additional kegs and to utilize more aesthetically pleasing towers, faucets, etc. This is one of the most reliable and simple ways to offer draft beer. You have minimal issues with these systems because of their simplicity. Already have a Kegerator, but want to be able to serve more beers or improve its appearance? We can help with this as well!
  • Walk in cooler, through the wall – If your walk-in cooler is located behind a wall and you want to serve beer on the other side of that wall then we can help you with this. Taps coming directly out of a walk-in cooler work very well because you don’t need a separate cooling system for the lines. We can assist with custom drip trays, flow control faucets and other upgrades that will give you a reliable, easy to use system that looks great in your bar! We can ever make a tower that comes out of the wall for a unique look for your establishment. We are happy to take a look at what you have and assist you with design ideas

Long Draw Systems

Although more complicated than a direct draw you can achieve perfect pour and lots of flexibility with a long draw system. This system uses a glycol cooling system in conjunction with a beer trunk line to basically allow you to have your beer tower or wall dispensing system where you want it in your bar or restaurant. A long draw system opens a lot of design possibilities. We can run the system out of your walk-in cooler to a location that offers a great presentation for your patrons.  We also work with other installation companies to do multiple locations or custom towers, drip trays etc. We can work within your budget to give you a system you will be proud of!



Bidding on a system for you and your needs

We realize that restaurants want to be unique and offer their customers an experience in dining and beverages. We also realize that every project has budget and need to get the best “bang for our buck.” When we do a quote for you, we will listen to what you want, what you need and what you want to invest in and give you options! We will typically quote at least for options that explain the advantages of the systems, components, etc.




Kegconnection is in the unique position of having been in the draft beer equipment business since 2006. We understand what is available, what works best in different situations, and, most importantly, that ultimately the customer gets to decide what they want to use! Here are some key components that we use and how we can help you decide what is best for you.

Beer faucets – This is one of the most important components on your system. It is important for both function and aesthetics. This is what your customer watches when you pour his beer. We offer more than 20 different faucets for draft beer, soda, mixed drink and carbonated water setups.

Here are the two main types:

  • Standard faucets – Standard faucets are basically faucets that open and close, but they do it in a lot of different ways. We offer everything from the most basic faucets to high-end, stainless-steel faucets with forward seal and creamer actions. We are happy to go over the differences in these faucets and even bring samples for you to look at when we are working on your quote
  • Flow Control faucets -  These faucets are a game changer on draft beer systems. They allow you to have complete control of restriction of the beer so you can adjust for changes in your system like temperature or carbonation levels of the product you are serving. They will also work great for carbonated products including carbonated water, soda, mixed drinks and more.  They cost a little more than a standard faucet, but we believe they are well worth it. Let us show you how they work and then you make the decision about what works best for your business.

Towers – We offer a very wide variety of beer towers and can-do custom towers as well. Our website shows some of our basic towers, but the sky is the limit on what we can do for you. We work with our factory in Germany and with several custom tower designers in the USA as well. As always, we discuss your budget and work with you to find what you want. Sometimes a very simple and inexpensive tower will work great in a bar or restaurant and sometimes you need something special.

Regulators – We sell the best beer regulators made in the USA and Germany. Our regulators have a minimum of a two year warranty and our CMBecker regulator carries a 5 year warranty. We also offer unique solutions for secondary regulators that won’t break the bank.

Other components – We are very proud of the products we carry and the long-term relationships we have with equipment suppliers in the USA, Germany, Portugal and other parts of the world. We have been selling high quality, affordable draft beer components for many years and we stand behind our products.


We would love to help you design a draft beer system for your bar or restaurant. Let us quote you for a draft beer system that fits your needs and your budget. Please contact us at 325-356-5204 and ask to speak to Todd or James. You can also email us at


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