High Pressure Regulator Hoses

High pressure regulator hoses are used for both Nitrogen and CO2 when you want to mount a regulator on the wall or some other location instead of mounting it directly to the CO2 or Nitrogen cylinder. These hoses are rated to 2750 PSI of pressure. CO2 cylinders are rated to 1800 PSI and Nitrogen Cylinders can be rated up to 2600 PSI. This is extremely high pressure, so it is very important to protect this hose from being damaged. 

These hoses come in 8 different configurations. There are 6 foot versions and 3 foot versions of both the CO2 hose and the NITRO hose. Then you can get each of these sizes/types with either a 1/4 MPT in right hand or left hand thread. Keep in mind that some primary regulators are right hand thread on the high pressure size and some are left hand thread. For example, the Taprite Primary regulator is left hand thread and the CMBecker primary regulator is right hand thread.