Basic Kits

Basic Keg Kits  are very simple kits that allow you to dispense your beer bought from the your local distributor using a basic party faucet. This hides well in your fridge, so you have no need for drilling holes in your fridge or freezer. If your looking for something a little more permanent you can upgrade the faucet to our CMB Flow Control Event Faucet  which allows you to have complete control over restriction of the beer. By controlling the restriction, you control the foam. No more glasses of pure foam at your party. Pour the perfect pint!


Serving at a psi of 12 or more will cause the party faucet to leak! 

The Standard for serving most beer is 8 – 12psi

(You will not experience this issue with the CMB Flow Control Faucet, which can be used at high pressures, including those necessary for dispensing soda.)