GovReg® Secondary Regulators


The GovReg®  is a revolutionary secondary regulator solution for both commercial and home applications. So how does this secondary regulator work? First, keep in mind that you still need a primary regulator like the CMBecker primary beer regulator.  Then you can go from this regulator to multiple GovReg®  and they will act as secondary regulators. This means that you can independently control the pressure to each keg on your system. If you just want a couple of pressures, you can also use the GovReg®  in conjunction with air distributors.

Want to learn more? Watch these videos showing how and where to use the GovReg®:

Adjusting the GovReg® Inline Secondary Regulator | How To Video (Click Here)

Converting My Keezer Using GovReg® Secondary Regulators | DIY Project (Click Here)

The GovReg® Secondary Regulator | Product Showcase (Click Here)