Jockey Boxes / Beer Dispensers

Jockey boxes are a great way to dispense beer in mobile situations. They are great for events, parties, and other situations where you need to pour beer fast. We offer complete systems and kits to build your own cold plate. The nice thing about kits is that you're not paying to have an ice chest shipped to you, and you can use the ice chest you want to use.

There are two types of jockey boxes, the first one uses coils. Because you can get these with lengths as much as 120 feet, they can be used in situations of high volume. They  also work best if you are pouring from a warm keg. With a coil system, you can immerse the coil in a mixture of ice and water to get maximum thermodynamic transfer.

The second type is a cold plate, this uses a large aluminum plate with stainless steel lines running inside of it. It can be used with a warm keg, but it is always better to have the keg cooler. With a cold plate, you want it covered with ice, but not sitting in water. For this reason, it is a good reason to purchase a rack with these cold plate systems.