Brewer's Club Rewards


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We are extremely proud to introduce our brand new Brewer's Rewards Club program! Creating an account on our site automatically adds you to the club which helps you earn points and receive special perks periodically during the year. Brewer's Club Rewards members also are always the first to learn about promotions and sales - so join today!


Kegconnection’s Brewer’s Club Rewards Program  

A benefits program that allows Kegconnection customers the opportunity to earn and spend points with each purchase they make.  The program also gives members other exclusive perks!  

There are three tiers in the Brewer’s Club Rewards program: 

Brewer – This is the entry level tier. 

  • 10 points for every dollar spent. 

  • Included in newsletter for first access to deals. 

Expert Brewer – Middle tierSpend $500 to $999 (or earn 5000 points) 

  • 11 Points for every dollar spent (10% bonus!) 

  • Included in newsletter for first access to deals. 

  • 1000 bonus points for reaching Expert Brewer Tier! 

Master Brewer – Top Tier – Spend $1000 (or earn 10,000 points) 

  • 12 Points for every dollar spent (20% bonus!) 

  • Included in newsletter for first access to deals. 

  • 2,500 bonus Points for reaching Master Brewer Tier! 

  • Free exclusive Master Brewer gift. 

How you can spend your points!

Spending Points: 

  • 1000 points is a $off coupon 

  • 1590 points is free shipping 

  • 2000 is a $10 off coupon 

  • 3000 points, earn a beer line cleaning kit ($25 value) 

  • 5,000 points is a $25 off coupon 

  • 10,000 points is a $50 off coupon 

  • 15,000 points is a $75 off coupon 

  • 20,000 points is a $100 off coupon


Your points are rewarded as soon as your order is shipped! Members will also periodically receive exclusive perks such as shipping discounts, product deals, recipe exclusives, and lots more so join today!



*coupon codes issued through points redemption cannot be stacked. i.e - our system doesn't allow for a FREE SHIPPING coupon code AND a gift certificate to be used simultaneously. If you have any questions regarding our points redemption policy or how our platform works, please contact us.