Complete Homebrew Beer Kit (w/ Plastic Fermenter)

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Want to hop into brewing but don't have the equipment to do so? This kit will set you up to let you brew the day you receive this from us. This kit has everything you need to buy including the 5 gallon kettle, caper and bottle caps now all you need is the Extract recipe to brew with!

We recommend this to new brewers that are looking to get into brewing for inexpensive and easy to use equipment. 

If you are new to brewing please check out our our new to brewing guide

We have compiled a list below to help you see what is included.


This Kit Includes:

5212-29431.1411584212.jpg6.5 GALLON PRIMARY FERMENTER - This bucket is used to hold the wort after your brew day is complete.
grommeted-lid.jpgDRILLED AND GROMMETED LID -  This is a 6.5 gallon bucket lid to hold all your air in and keep unwanted bacterial infections out of the batch.
three-piece.jpg3 PIECE AIRLOCK - Used to burp the bucket of Excess CO2 and keep bacteria and Oxygen out
5212-29431.1411584212.jpg6.5 GALLON BOTTLING BUCKET WITH BOTTLING SPIGOT - This is your secondary Fermentor used for clarifying with a spigot to help with Bottling.
20-quart-brew-kettle-52215.1393815931.jpg5 GALLON STAINLESS STEEL BREW KETTLE - This SS brew pot will help you on brew day being the perfect size to brew 5 gallon batches
-dsc0941.jpg24" STAINLESS STEEL SPOON - also used on brew day very durable and easy to sanitize
fine-bag.jpgFINE MESH STRAINING BAG 12″ × 19″ - A reuseable grain bag to help you gain the clairity of your beer you strive to get.
auto-siphon2.jpg3/8” AUTO-SIPHON/RACKING CANE WITH TUBING AND CLAMP - With this you can move your beer from one container to the next quickly and with ease.


img-0642.jpg3/8" BOTTLE FILLER - This allows you to fill your bottles without the mess of having to crimp the line to swap bottles.


img-0594.jpg10" PLASTIC TEST JAR - Test your beer's gravity without risking contamination 


floating-thermometer-32235.1393896581.jpgFLOATING THERMOMETER- Measuring your tempiture is important with this you can check it as often as you would like.
stick-on-thermometer-5426-86239.1393893416.jpgADHESIVE THERMOMETER - Keeping the Wort at a certan temp is also improtant using this you can always tell the tempeture of your fermenter.
6803-42838.1395862404.jpgHYDROMETER - This is uses in conjunction with your Test jar to test the original and final gravity of your brew
beer-bottle-brush-4774-82457.1393541711.jpgBEER BOTTLE BRUSH - Cleaning your bottles can be hard using this makes a world of difference.
red-capper-4016-57210.1393898769.jpgRED HEAD CAPPER -  one of the best and easiest caper to use.
144-gold-bottle-caps-4270-00787.1393536003.jpg144 GOLD BOTTLE CAPS - Sent to start off your bottling career 
brewcleanfinal-02283.1360849264.jpg8 OZ BREW CLEAN CLEANSER - All our kegs are cleaned with this cleaner. we stand behind this and it comes with a full set of instructions printed on the bag for convenience.