One Faucet Jockey Box Kit, All Stainless Steel Beer Flow | DIY Kit

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One Faucet Jockey Box Kit, All Stainless Steel Beer flow!

This kit gives you everything you need to convert the ice chest/cooler of your choice into a jockey box. Unlike many other kits on the market, this is a complete kit. It give you every thing you need for the liquid and gas part of a Jockey Box system. The only item it does not include is a CO2 cylinder and the keg you will be using. This kit is designed for beer kegs you would purchase at a store or brewery, it is not intended for homebrew kegs, but can easily be modified to work for both types. For homebrewing style jockey boxes click here. For conversion kit that will allow a line to be used for ball lock or pin lock click here.

We use only the highest quality components. Every thing that touches your beer is either stainless steel, food grade plastic or NSF certified food grade plastic.


Liquid Components:

  • Stainless Beer Steel Faucet, NSF approved, with handle
  • 3 1/8" Stainless Steel Shank, with beer nut, ss tailpiece and washer
  • 5/16 ID, clear beer hose, NSF Approved, USA made, dual durometer
  • 50' Stainless Steel Jockey Box Coil
  • Passthrough for exiting rear of Jockey Box with liquid hose
  • Beer nut, ss tailpiece, washer and worm clamp to attached to coupler

Sanke D Coupler - this is what connects to the keg, it links the liquid side and gas side together. Our coupler features a stainless steel probe.


Gas Components:

  • CMBecker - This commercial grade regulator features a stainless steel body and high quality components. The precision, internal parts are designed and made in Germany with final assembly done in the United States. It features a five year warranty!
  • 5/16 ID red gas hose, NSF approved
  • Attached to coupler via ss tailpiece using beer nut, washer and worm clamp.