San Step Sanitizer 16oz

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Want to know what San Step is?

San Step is a sanitizer that uses a combination of organic acids and mineral acids to provide a great sanitizing and final rinse for your brewing and winemaking equipment. San Step produces a small amount of foam material when used as directed. It also works great in your CIP (Clean In Place) systems. The mineral acid component provides an effective descaler to remove deposits that may lead to beer stone. The organic acids resist the impact of hardness ions to continue to work even in the poorest water conditions.

San Step is a biodegradable substance, it will revert to naturally occurring minerals over a short period of time. This product is nontoxic! Even though the product concentrate (as is the case for all concentrated acids) is corrosive but, when diluted with water, as is directed for proper use, San Step is safe to handle with the same precautions taken with any acid based product.


  • Provides an acidified rinse to eliminate scale formation
  • Effective in hard water
  • Low foaming; is suitable for CIP systems
  • Organic acid base
  • No rinse required when used as directed
  • Broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide
  • Not deactivated by organic matter