TM DesanaMAX Line Cleaner

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1.6 Oz TM DesanaMAX Color Indicator Line Cleaner.


BREWERY FRESH BEER UNTIL THE GLASS IS EMPTY! Protect your brew to ensure the brewer's choice of taste - don’t let the beer line decide the taste. TM DesanaMax contains NO Chlorine. Chlorine not only leaves an inconvenient odor in the equipment and on your hands, it also leaves persistent residues in the waste water. Only natural water components are left in the solution after the cleaning. One packet of DesanaMAX cleans 1.2 Gallons. SAFE & EXACT DOSING! Mono-dose sachets will mix 4.5 liters or 1.2 gal. of solution. No more over or under dosing. Powder dissolves quickly. No organic surfactants. No negative impact on beer head. TM DesanaMax not only rinses out the dirt, it transforms yeasts, sugars and other organic residues into easily water soluble substances. Your line talks to you! The color of TM DesanaMax changes immediately when dirt is in the lines. TM DesanaMax is a powder, it’s super-dry packaging allows up to 5 years of storage. No corrosion on state-of-the art equipment, no leaching of plastic tubes. Specialty beers or root beers sometimes leave more stains and flavor residues than other beers. So why clean them all the same way?