5 Pack of Faucet Cleaning Brushes

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This is a value pack containing 5 faucet brush/plug combo.  These fit great on standard beer faucets.  (***Note to Perlick faucet owners.  I use these on my Perlick Faucets as well, but you have to modify them slightly because the hole is much smaller.  What I do it take a box knife and just trip off the four little tap below the first Circle on the plug.  This allows the first circle to sit flush with the Perlick.  In addition you can still use it with standard faucets after making this modification because on standard faucets it will just go to the second circle to seal faucet.  

  • Brush keeps inside of faucet clean.
  • Leave on Faucet when not in use to keep out bugs.

Length = 59.3mm
Brush Thickness = 13.8mm & 15mm
Handle Width = 23mm
Wire Thickness = .28mm