A Few Good Horses

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West Texas is scattered with abandoned ranch houses and ghost towns. The people who lived there and the stories of their lives are fading, blowing away with the wind as buildings collapse and each Western hero dies. A Few Good Horses preserves the fascinating story of one family's life in those times. It is the gritty account of the Burns family and ranch life from the mid-nineteenth century through the Great Depression. In 1847, a twelve-year-old Simon Pierce Burns ran away from a troubled home in Ohio, and eventually settled in Brown, County, Texas. His sons, Simon Pierce Jr., and William Nelson, built the big ranch over a span of forty years. My father, George Pierce Burns, quit his new coaching job in the summer of 1929 to begin ranching with his father and uncle and to start a family. The family's dreams were changed into a desperate struggle to survive with the onset of the Great Depression. Some of the family were defeated by the Depression and others rose to become heroes and saints. A Few Good Horses tells of struggle, survival and family from an original, personal perspective.