Keg Coupler Care and Troubleshooting Guide

Posted by Todd Burns on 4th Apr 2019

Keg couplers come in many styles and types (Sanke D, S, G, A and U), but they basically all function in the similar manner. It is important to clean your couplers on a regular basis, but it is also very important to lube your couplers O-rings and seals before returning to service. Most couplers consist of the main body and a probe of some sort. By far the most popular coupler in the United States is the Sanke D coupler and the photos and procedures we will cover in this Guide will focus on this coupler.

Q- How do I hook up my coupler to a keg?

A- This is very simple. Just make sure the handle is in the up position, line up the coupler with the two lugs on the kegs (see “A” on photo below) with the two slots in the coupler (See “B”). Push down the coupler and then pivot the coupler to the right until it stops. Make sure you twist it as far as it will go to the right or leakage can occur. Then pull out the handle and push it down until it locks into place.

Q- How do I clean my coupler?

A- Your coupler can just be cleaned using hot soapy water and then rinsed with clean water. It should always be lubed after cleaning. Failure to keep you coupler lubed will result in leaks!

Q- How do I lube my coupler?

A- Couplers have O-rings and seals. The seals on on the bottom, there are two. One is on the bottom of the body and the other is on the bottom of the probe (see E in images) Put a light coat of food grade O ring lube on these. There are also two or three O rings on the probe, depending on manufacture of probe (see image D on photos). This will need to be removed from the body. Just unscrew long nut holding on the handle, pull handle from side away from the coupler and then pull probe up and out of the coupler, lightly lube the O rings and replace the probe.

Q- My coupler is leaking air or beer from the bottom where it connects to keg or from the top of the probe and I have done all the things suggested above?

A- Is your hose pulling on the coupler or something pushing on the coupler? This can push the coupler out of alignment and cause leaks. Be sure there is nothing external touching or pulling on your coupler.

Q- My coupler is leaking beer or gas from where hose connects?

A- Make sure your beer nuts are tight and you have a washer inside the coupler (on some couplers the one way rubber valve (called a duck bill valve) also acts as a washer to seal.

***One other thing that will ofter cause a coupler to leak is the keg itself! Inspect and lube the large rubber washer where the coupler connects to the keg. If you see a tear, cracks or other defects this could be your issue. Sometimes the metal part is bent as well and this causes issues. Contact the company that sold you the keg in these situations. Need help? Call us at 325-356-5204 or email