BlowTie Diaphragm Spunding Valve

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This Blow Tie Spunding Valve is great for pressure fermenting. This is the base unit, but you can add a disconnect on one side, a Tee in the middle with a gauge on the top and this spunding valve at the end (see forth photo). You can also use other configurations. This Spunding valve uses a diaphragm (like a beer regulator) for consistent release of pressure. 

  • Can be used in a wide variety of configurations.
  • Trick! don't want to attach a gauge? You can use a homebrew keg to set the pressure on this valve by attaching it to a homebrew keg with a disconnect. First, pressure up the keg to your desired PSI (often 10PSI with pressure fermenting). Then attach the spunding valve via a CMBecker disconnect with the valve turned all the way off on the spunding valve. Then open the spunding valve until air just starts to come out, then back up slightly to stop air flow and it is set!
  • If your spunding valve gets full of trub it can clog up. You can take it apart and clean it. To avoid this do not overfill your fermentor.
  • Attaches to 8mm Duotight fittings and hose.
  • 0-40 PSI