BlowTie Spunding Valve w/ External Gauge & CMB Disconnect, Complete Kit

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This Duotight spunding valve is perfect for pressure fermenting and other situations where you need to maintain a certain pressure with gas coming in. It will relieve pressure on a fermentor and keep it at a constant pressure like 10PSI (PSI commonly used in pressure fermenting). ALWAYS use an additional pressure relief valve for safety. Most fermentors (and homebrew style kegs) designed to hold pressure will have this type of valve, but make certain. If this device becomes clogged with trub and it has no pressure relief valve it could rupture. This complete kit has an external gauge that can be easily removed (standard Duotight fitting). This also allows you to keep the gauge above the spunding valve to reduce the chance of getting trub or liquid in the gauge.

  • Includes a German Made/USA assembled CMBecker gas disconnect. This is the fitting used on homebrew style kegs and most pressure fermentors.
  • Utilizes a diaphragm style regulator for greater accuracy that some devices that use a pin style. This is the same system used in most beer regulators like the CMBecker regulator.
  • Includes a 0-40 external gauge for accurate measurements.
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning. Everything in this kit is put together with Duotight fittings.