CMB 10mm (between 1/2" and 3/8"), fits 3/8" ID Hose, Includes Beer Nut

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The CMBecker International Inline Flow Control 10mm Barb is necessary for those looking to use tubing that has an inner diameter of 3/8". It is slightly smaller than 1/2", but it will fit a 1/2" ID Hose if properly clamped.  Works perfect with the popular CMBecker Inline Flow Control!

  • Stainless steel nipple, only stainless steel touches your beverage
  • Works with CMBecker International shanks. 
  • Includes CMBecker beer nut
  • The size is 10mm which is between 1/2" and 3/8". When using with 3/8" hose you may need to slightly heat hose (using hot water) to stretch hose over barb (this is how we do it!) When using with 1/2" it will be loose, but we have used it with syphon hose and thicker high heat (EJ beverage or silicon) hose. Just make sure you clamp it properly to get a good seal.
  • This will not work with a standard shank, it works with CMBecker shanks. These seal it two places and do not have a flat end (see photo)