CMB CO2 Beer Gas Regulator, Double Gauge

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CMBecker Regulators were designed by draft beer professionals in Germany, USA and Portugal. They are professional grade, commercial regulators that are built to last. We stand behind this regulator with one of the best warranties in the business!

  • Includes a Five Year Warranty, click here to view warranty.
  • Internal precision parts are made in Germany.
  • Designed by draft beer professionals in the USA, Germany and Portugal.
  • Regulator is assembled and tested in the USA.
  • Locking Knob assures you stay on the pressure setting you want.
  • Internal filter keeps out contaminants.
  • Commercial/Professional grade regulator that is completely serviceable. This is not a disposable regulator you see sold on some sites
  • Expandable, flexible design. This regulator can be configured for your needs.
  • Includes check valve with either left or right on/off. The end is MFL so you can add barb fitting to fit your hose.