CMB Pin Valve Regulator

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CMBecker Regulators are meticulously engineered by a collaboration of draft beer specialists from Germany, the United States, and Portugal. These regulators epitomize commercial-grade durability, promising long-lasting performance. We are so confident in the quality of this product that we offer one of the industry's most comprehensive warranties, valid for a period of five years.

Key Features:
- Five-Year Warranty: For full details on warranty coverage, please click here.
- Internally Sourced Precision Components: Manufactured in Germany for optimal reliability.
- Global Expertise: Collaboratively designed by experts in draft beer systems from Germany, the United States, and Portugal.
- Quality Assurance: Assembled and rigorously tested within the United States to ensure exceptional functionality.
- Locking Knob Technology: Ensures consistent pressure settings, eliminating unwanted variations.
- Internal Filtration: Equipped with an internal filter to safeguard against contaminants.
- Construction: Stainless steel body for maximum longevity.
- Commercial Versatility: This is not a one-time-use regulator; it is fully serviceable and designed for a range of professional applications.
- Customizable Design: The regulator's flexible configuration allows it to be adapted according to specific requirements.
- Inlet Valve Options: Comes with an integrated check valve featuring either a left or right on/off setting. The MFL end enables easy barb fitting for hose attachment.

Designed exclusively for side-mounted Pin Valve Style CO2 Tanks (commonly used in paintball), this regulator offers a highly secure and safe connection method. Please note that this regulator is incompatible with standard 320 valves commonly found on larger CO2 tanks.

Quality Control:
Each regulator is subjected to a stringent pressure test and inspection procedure before shipment, utilizing an American-made body and top-grade commercial components.

The CMBecker Regulators provide a robust and reliable solution for all your draft beer dispensing needs.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead,  which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information go to: