CMB X1 Flow Control Faucet w/ Creamer Action

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FA50 10-2405-90/02P

The X1 flow control faucet is one of our most popular CMBecker Faucets. It is a very durable faucet, but less expensive than the V10 due to materials used. This faucet has been used in the beverage industry for many years and it works great not only as a beer faucet, but also for sparkling water, soda, sparling wine and other applications. With this faucet you can completely control restriction, so you use the faucet instead of hose length to control restriction on the fly. You can go from full flow to closed, so you will be able to achieve a perfect pour. This faucet also has a creamer that will allow for a fine head after you have poured. This way you can always have the proper head on a beer, no matter how it is pouring.

  • Full length European Flow Control (completely control restriction at the faucet;no restriction line needed)
  • We recommend using this product with 5/16 ID beer/gas hose or 1/4" braided hose. Use with standard 3/16 ID beer hose is not recommended as this hose will restrict too much and not allow full function of the faucet.
  • Made in Germany and assembled in the USA from food safe materials!
  • Features a built in “Creamer” function so you can put a fine cream head on your beer
  • Used in restaurants and bars all over the world.
  • You must use a CMBecker flow control shank with this faucet. This listing includes the 2 1/2" shank, but can be upgraded to 5" SS shank.
  • This faucet will accept standard American nipples and beer nuts (part on back where you attach hose), but we recommend the CMBecker nipple and nut as it features double seal technology and is the perfect fit for the CMBecker Shanks.

WARNING: This product can expose you to hexavalent chromium, also known as chromium 6 (Cr6),  which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information go to:


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  • 5
    Great customer service!

    Posted by Danny Ferraro on 23rd Mar 2022

    Faucet was assembled for my application before it was sent. Thanks James?

  • 5
    Almost Perfect Faucet for Homebrewers

    Posted by Craig H on 20th May 2021

    I have tried Perlick,.CM Becker compact, and Intertap/Nukatap forward-sealing faucets on my keezer. I've also tried the Kegland flow control ball lock disconnects. All have their virtues, but no combination of these made for consistent pours. All suffered from the dreaded first pour foaming and since I brew a wide variety of styles with varying carbonation levels, I was constantly fiddling with balancing my draft lines.

    The X1 has solved the issue of consistent pours. The European style flow control combined with a plastic composite faucet and plastic-lined shank has solved my problems with consistent pours. My theory is that the plastic is far less thermally conductive than stainless steel or brass, so the beer doesn't warm nearly as much while passing through the shank and faucet. I had experienced no issues with dripping nor sticking.

    As far as negatives, the rear-sealing design is incompatible with my beloved Tapcooler counterpressure filler. Also, the chromed hardware looks too bright and shiny, bordering on looking cheap. Finally, I wish the plastic-lined shanks were offered in longer sizes. For a lot of keezers, in particular, the 2-1/2" shank is too short. My collar was planed and only 1-3/16" thick, but I still needed to make a modification to accommodate the plastic-lined shank. I have not tried the longer stainless steel upgrade shanks, mostly because I wanted the plastic lining, plus, those upgraded shanks seem relatively expensive.

  • 5

    Posted by Pete Bedford on 2nd Dec 2020

    Don't know way I waited so long to upgrade some of my faucets. Now I have to upgrade all of them. With the 5/16" hose upgrade no more crappy pores. Problem solved.

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    Bought for a jockey box

    Posted by Big Andy on 9th Sep 2020

    These things worked great. Anyone that's used a jockey box knows it's a crap shoot. Every pour was perfect, I could control the flow and the creamer function worked great. I need to find some shanks that work with the tower on my kegerator to replace those taps with these!