Converted Ball Lock Keg, Cornelius Keg, 5 Gallon w/ NEW Posts + NEW Lid for Homebrew/Soda, Used | CLEANED

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Now: $63.71
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"Converted" Ball Lock Keg -This keg was converted from a Pin Lock Keg into a Ball Lock Keg, but was also reconditioned!

These kegs have the following features:

  • They are shorter than a normal Ball Lock Keg, this makes them easier to get into some kegerators. 
  • Feature a new lid with a pressure relief valve. This lid is normally $18.95 on its own!
  • These kegs have new ball lock posts.
  • These kegs are cleaned using Brew Clean a specially formulated cleaner for kegs and other homebrewing equipment.
  • 22 inches tall (normal ball lock keg is 25" tall) x 9 inches wide

Please note that these kegs are cleaned on the inside and then pressure tested for leaks. When you open the keg you might see a very small amount of liquid on the bottom and detect a slightly sweet odor. This can happen when cleaning solution drips from dip tubes. This is not residual soda, the kegs were soaked about an hour in Brew Clean and thououghly rinsed.

These kegs are in good condition, but they are used. This means they can have dings, dents and other cosmetic damage. They are serviceable and are kegs we would personally put our homebrew or other liquids in! You can return kegs, but we do not pay for return shipping. 


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  • 5
    Keg was as advertised

    Posted by Fred Ries on 24th Sep 2022

    Great customer service and quick delivery.
    Keg arrived and found to be as advertised

  • 5
    Great Kegs

    Posted by Fred C on 5th Mar 2022

    I have purchased two of these kegs and I am very happy with both of them. I needed the shorter height of the pin lock kegs, but didn’t want to hassle with switching out the disconnects. The pressure relief valve on the lid is also a big plus. The kegs were in good condition, clean, without any significant dents or stickers like some kegs I have purchased elsewhere.

  • 3
    Pin lock keg converted to ball lock

    Posted by Jeffrey Dromm on 23rd Nov 2019

    Sent you a separate email complaining the ball locks were no new and rust on them.

  • 4
    Good quality, can't get posts off.

    Posted by Kristian Odegaard on 1st Jun 2019

    The keg itself is good quality it looks like, no major dents, clean inside and no off smells. But I can't get the posts off to do a pbw wash and sanitize to fill it up. I don't want to damage the posts but every wrench I have that could fit won't do the trick. I'll prob get a breaker bar.

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    Converted Ball Lock Keg

    Posted by T on 30th Aug 2018

    Arrived holding pressure. A little scratched up, but in good working order. New lid, posts, and O rings too, for a rock- bottom price. H*LL of a deal!

  • 4
    Short keg love

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Aug 2018

    LOVE finding a shorter 5 gal keg with ball locks! The height makes fitting it in my fridge MUCH easier than the standard corny. Overall, keg was in good shape and well cleaned. Posts and lid look new. Only thing I didn't like was the crappy pull ring on the lid's pressure release valve. It's clearly just a piece of metal wire cut and bent into a circle -- very sharp edges nearly sliced my finger when testing. Also, while the posts are for ball lock, they're a smaller size. They still work, but I always have trouble with these smaller posts getting stuck in the gas connector. (And yes, I have the correct gas post in the gas connector.)

  • 5
    Awesome with only one minor problem.

    Posted by ~W~ on 12th Aug 2017

    These kegs are absolutely awesome! The two I bought had only one small bend (it's hardly even a dent). I gave 5 stars because the kegs are phenomenal, but as the title states, I did have one minor issue. That being that Keg Connection only sent one sticker! :-D
    Come on now. I can't have only one keg with your awesome sticker on it! LOLOL
    All kidding aside, if you are pressed for space, height-wise, these are the kegs for you. Love the straight dip tubes and new lids. If I get into dry hopping later on, I may just have to have tabs tig-welded on to the bottom of the lids. Can't wait to get them filled. Thanks so much Keg Connection.

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff on 26th Jul 2017

    Exactly as stated and what I needed. Great deal, shipped very quickly, came pressurized and clean. Definitely recommend

  • 5
    Great value

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jun 2017

    Delivered still pressurized and was in great visual shape!! Can't beat it for the price!