Dry Malt Extract (DME)

Dry Malt Extract (often just called DME) is made by extracting all of the moisture from wort. Wort is the solution made when you process malted barley to pull out the sugar's, it is the base used to make beer. The process of making DME is basically the same way instant coffee is produced. It is hot air dried. Dry Malt Extract is very useful in brewing because it keeps a long time and can be immediately turned into wort by adding it to water. This solution can then be used to brew beer, including the boil and adding hops.  DME is also very handy to have around if you are an all grain brewer and have missed the gravity you need on your recipe.  A substitute for DME is LME or Liquid Malt Extract. We carry a nice variety of both LME and DME.

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