Foot for Keg Lids, Cornelius and Firestone Flat style, Single foot (not a pair)

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This keg foot will fit the majority of keg lids. It fits all brand keg lids that we know of except AEB. These should fit keg lids for both ball lock and pin lock kegs. It is impossible to know what every manufacture did for the 50 years these kegs have been made, but we fix thousands of kegs a year and these feet fit all of them. Please note we have two listings currently for keg feet. The other listing has a more rounded foot and these have a flatter foot. Keg manufactures used both types, so you current lid could have either one. One possible advantage of this type is that it is slightly longer. This might help if you have a lid that is not fitting tightly. These keg feet fit tightly, which is a good thing. When we get them started and then push firmly down on a counter top, using the lid itself to help push. They go on fairly easily, but again, they are tight, so you will need some pressure to get it seated all the way.