GovReg® Controlled Air Distributor/Manifold- 9 way with 1/4 MFL Check Valves

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9 Way air manifold controlled by secondary GovReg® . This is a manifold and regulator all in one. When you run a line to this secondary regulator that is attached to the air manifold you can adjust the pressure so the two lines exiting the air manifold will supply the same pressure. This is helpful when you need different pressures to different lines. For example, if you have 6 kegs and you want one pressure to 4 of them and another pressure to two more you can use manifolds with GovReg®  to supply whatever pressure you need. You will need to adjust these regulators using an adjustment tool or we can preset them to your desired pressure. Just be sure to add this to the order notes AND email us at and copy We can adjust the pressure from between 4 PSI and 55 PSI. If you want the ability to adjust your own you can purchase the GovReg®  Adjusting tool. This will allow you to set the initial pressure and change pressure in the future.

  • Allows you to control pressure on Manifold/Distributor
  • We can preset pressure for you!
  • Eliminates the need for a traditional secondary regulator and make operation simpler.