Secondary Regulators

Kegconnection is very proud to carry taprite-logo-small.jpg Secondary Regulators!

We provide a DOUBLE warranty on all Taprite regulators.  (Click here to see warranty)

Secondary regulators are used in conjunction with a primary regulator (low pressure version, using low pressure hose) or separately using a high pressure hose (high pressure version).  Most people prefer to work with the low pressure version, but it some situations the high pressure version works better due to space issues.  When you view the categories you will see that when you are purchasing one of these you can also add the high pressure hose or a primary regulator with hose and we will assemble these components for you so you are ready to go when you receive your secondary regulator setups.  As on all of our regulators with valves the shut off valve has a check valve to keep beer from "back flowing" into the regulator.  Also, you may notice that these banks of regulators start to bow as the number grows (10 way is bowed the most).  This is normal and will not effect performance in any way.  These regulators come with brackets so they are ready to mount to the wall.

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