Party Keg Kit - 4 Faucet - Dual Gauge Regulator

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Party Keg Kit - 4 Faucet - Dual Gauge Regulator

Serve Craft on Draft

This 4 faucet party keg kit is a hassle-free way to serve multiple kegs of your favorite craft beers or ANY carbonated beverages on draft at your party or wedding event. Extremely easy to use and the best part: we configure it for you so it's basically ready to go right out of the box! This kit contains premium components at the most affordable pricing:

Premium CMB Regulator

4 Way Manifold Air Distributor with Check Valves and all the necessary gas lines

4 Sanke D Commercial Keg Taps

4 Liquid Lines, Each 5ft Long with Party Tap Faucets

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