Premium Remanufactured 18L Ball Lock Corny Kegs | Bulk Quantity

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Premium Remanufactured 18L Ball Lock Corny Kegs | Bulk Quantity

Leverage our special bulk pricing on premium 'like new' kegs and enjoy savings of 25-35%, contingent on the order volume. These exceptional Corny kegs, constructed from durable stainless steel and meticulously refurbished, present an unbeatable opportunity. As the cost of stainless steel rises and the availability of high-quality used kegs dwindles, this offer represents significant value.

Our remanufacturing protocol for each keg is thorough and detailed. It encompasses an extensive cleaning process, a machine polish to restore luster, and the replacement of crucial components: o-rings for the lid, pressure relief valve (PRV), and both liquid and gas dip tubes, complemented by two additional o-rings on each post. These kegs originate from renowned manufacturers such as AEB, SAFER, and CORNELIUS, ensuring top-tier quality.

Additional Insights on Our Remanufactured Kegs:
Despite being pre-owned, these kegs maintain a high functional standard. Minor aesthetic variations, such as slight dents or unpolishable scratches, may be present but do not affect their operational integrity.

Post-remanufacturing, some residual substances might linger on the exterior or rubber parts of the keg. This is not uncommon and serves as a reminder to thoroughly clean and sanitize the kegs prior to use, ensuring optimal beverage quality and safety.

A portion of our keg collection has rubber components that have been sun-bleached, potentially affecting the seal and causing black marks, especially when moist. This occurrence is less prominent when the rubber is dry.

Some kegs feature a unique double o-ring design on their posts. While this might seem unusual, these kegs perform just as reliably as those with the standard single o-ring setup.


Diameter: 8-7/8" (225mm)

Height: 22-1/4" (565mm)

Weight: 9 lbs 9oz (4.34kg)

Volume: 4.75 gallons (18 liters) but some are also slightly more in full volume

Post Thread Size: 9/16-18 UNF Thread on both the IN and Out.